A lockdown portrait would I’m sure reveal a vast range of emotions and not all of them ones we’d necessarily want to retain for posterity!
I suspect we’re all felt like prisoners in our own homes, these last few months. At last there seems to be a whiff of freedom on the horizon.
The hardest part has been the complete separation of family generations.
Yes, I’ve seen my parents at a socially spaced distance. And my grandchildren now form part of our family “bubble”; albeit for an afternoon per week. Whether or not you’re a touchy-feely type of person, humans need the closeness that comes from families and friends being together.
Just having a chat and joke without thinking about proximity to each other.
There’s no getting away from it  - it just isn’t the same!
So many have endured the pain of losing loved ones without the comfort of closeness or even the chance of saying farewell.
One thing that will be cruelly missed is the opportunity of having legacy photographs together.
I know some photographers have shown enterprise by photographing families on their doorsteps.
These are lockdown portraits but I’m sure these images will be treasured.
To me, this just emphasises the tragic circumstances we all find ourselves in.
I want to photograph happy people, enjoying each others’ company without thinking about social distancing.
So, I’m looking forward to happier times when we can all get together (under our own terms, enjoy ourselves and have the photographs to reflect the occasion.
I suspect that at present, you like me, are nervous of even thinking about having everyone together for family photographs.

The time will, however come and happier times will return.

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