Why Photo Albums are Important

Photo albums are important – people love to gather around an album to touch and feel the quality as well as admire the images. They are tactile and this produces a “good feel” factor.

They are great for evoking memories and bringing families together – there’s always a story behind the picture!

Yes – people’s styles change but isn’t that a good thing? In years to come we can easily recall what our families were doing and looked like.

No other media comes close to creating a social occasion – simply by opening a photo album you have family enjoying (and sometimes mocking) their siblings’ earlier days.


No electronics!
No internet connections to fiddle with!
No searching computer files!

Just open the photo album and enjoy it!

It could not be simpler.

The types of photo album are however, more complex but essentially they are:

Flush mounted albums and matted albums

Flush Mounted Albums

Whenever you hear sphoto albumsomeone talking about a “coffee table book” or a “magazine-style” album, they’re referring to types of flush mounted photo albums. These types of albums have images printed directly onto the page and bound into an album. The border of the images goes to the very edge of the page, creating a magazine look. A page might have just one photo, or it could have several arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way.

This type of album has a more contemporary, modern feel. They are relatively new to the market and very trendy. Most of the time, a photographer designs the album for you and offers it as part of their services. If your photographer doesn’t happen to offer them there are a plethora of freelance designers and companies online. They would love to help you create a timeless flush mounted photo album.

A possible advantage to flush mount wedding albums is that they’re done digitally. Once the pages are created, it’s easier and less expensive to recreate them in difference sizes.

It is a good opportunity to create additional books for parents or other relatives.

Matted Albums

photo albumsThis type of album is much more traditional than a flush mounted photo album. The matted photo album is a series of pages in which photographs are hand-mounted to each page and surrounded by a matte or border. There can be one or more photos per page.

The more expensive versions are made page by page and offer some customised design options. Although they are not as plentiful as flush mounted albums. Cheaper versions have photographs being slipped into pre-designed openings. Whilst it’s good for a budget, there’s no opportunity for personal customisation.

Album Prices

We have access to a vast range of albums to suit the pocket of most people. In addition to flush mounted and matted albums we can supply press printed books, classic coffee table books with hard covers.

Prices – for example, a soft cover A4 printed photobook with 20 pages costs £52.75 whilst a high end album of a similar size would cost £400.50. Printed albums are zero rated for VAT and no VAT is payable.

My Favourite Album Suppliers

Graphistudio in Italy are by far and away the world leaders (in my opinion) in the production of both flush mounted and matted photo albums. View the videos to see some of the options that are available to you.

Graphistudio Flush Mounted Albums

Graphistudio Matted Albums

Want to learn more?

We have a good selection of sample photo albums to view. Let me know and I’ll be happy to show them to you. Call Paul on 01473 327727 or complete an enquiry form.

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