Clothing Advice – What to wear for your portrait

My clothing advice and suggestions for successful portraits

Try to avoid STRIPES and PATTERNS in your clothing, as these tend to add weight to your figure.
LOGOS will date your portraiture and you will lose that “timeless” feature of your portrait.
If you want to look FANTASTIC, I suggest solid coloured “casual” clothing in medium to darker tones (not black) and where possible with sleeves.
You might want to avoid clothing coloured WHITE, BLACK, RED and YELLOW.
Why? White may make you appear pale whilst black may isolate your head and make it appear like it’s floating! Yellow may give you a jaundiced look and red could give a sunburn effect.


Wear form fitting tops or you will look heavier than you are. V- necks will make you look your best. Wear your make up as if you are going out for the evening. Avoid lip- gloss and keep jewellery to a bare minimum.
For trousers I suggest jeans or solid colours in medium to darker tones (not black). Be careful with your choice of dress as loosely fitting ones can add weight too. Under no circumstances should you wear shorts unless you are under the age of 7!
If you wear shorts and hate the way you look in your images – don’t say you weren’t warned!
As a general rule: the LESS skin that shows the better off you are.


Please shave before the portrait session. There’s nothing I can do about “5 o’clock” shadow.
Everyone should be careful what you wear on your feet, as it will show in the portraits. Small children in the studio are best photographed without shoes.
If you disagree with my clothing advice …that’s fine. You are the best judge of your own tastes and likes.


Feel free to call Paul for clothing advice, or any other questions on 01473-327727 or raise it at our portrait chat prior to the actual photography session.

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